Where the Weathervane Bloweth

A dull silence fell over my ears.  I got up out of that plastic stackable chair and went back to interpreting for the busy nurses, but people were calling for me from every which direction.  I walked toward the event center toward Anndee to ask her how we should resolve the problem at hand.  The nurses’ food was not coming for dinner, the bus that was to take us back to the church had left, and 2,000 people were on their way to the big event.  On top of that, God had suddenly changed the direction of my life-rudder, if you will.

The conversation with Jackie over lunch in those plastic stackable chairs silenced the voiced questions in my heart.  And the quiet scared me.  Holy smokes God!  What on earth are you doing?  I was thinking.  It was confusing, especially with all the hustle and bustle of the day of the big event.  God, are you calling me home? Continue reading “Where the Weathervane Bloweth”