Lyrical Logic: Stay the Night

Lyrical Logic is where I’ll take a logical look at what lyrics are claiming in the media.

The song is “Stay the Night” by Hayley Williams and Paramore. The song is terrifically catchy, I’ve been humming it all day. And it might be that characteristic alone that has it ranked at #19 on the Billboard Charts as of right now.

The general idea of the song, much like a lot of the media, is sex. That’s not so extraordinary. But, what strikes me as illogical in this song is the lyric,

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What Makes Me Say WOW!

Being home has been both discouraging and encouraging. My nieces and nephews are -naturally through the eyes of their uncle- the most beautiful kids I know -until I have my own. I’ve gotten to baby-sit a ton and reintroduce myself to the ones who maybe didn’t remember me so much. Michael likes to play with firetrucks and pretends to be a fireman and policeman but, mumbles all of his orders to the civilians. Abigail loves to show you how beautiful she is. Gideon is a rough and tumble little guy but tells you he loves you and gives big hugs. Judah looks just like his mom. Gabby is the best snuggle bug in the world and has grown up teeth. Luke has his eyes glued to his Nintendo DS but says the funniest things. And Noah is 13, enough said. HA! It’s been great to see the rest of my family who aren’t children, although sometimes I feel that the older ones in the family act a lot like kids too! Continue reading “What Makes Me Say WOW!”